Austech 2011 Review


Realtek are well known for their CNC Lathes and Turning Centres, but this year at Austech 2011 they showcased something special from Toyoda.

Austech 2011 was the perfect venue for Toyoda machine tool (Advanced Manufacturing Arm of the Toyota car company). Showing off its state of the art FH450S high-speed Horizontal Machining Centre, this very advanced machine tool offers some of the most advanced features available in a Horizontal Machining Centre seen on the world market.

With Toyoda’s focus on production efficiency the streamline machine is a flexible modular system, which easily allows upgrades of automatic tool changes ATC’s, Automatic Pallet Changes through to the adaption of RGV (Rail Guided Vehicles) and Pallet pools. Toyoda’s ability to integrate and chop and change, even spindle configurations to meet the client’s needs is exceptionally unique in the market today.

With vast experience in the automotive, aerospace, defence and mining sectors, Toyoda are now able to offer a complete engineering solution from a delivery system that has not been seen before on this market.

When considering a Horizontal or Vertical machining centre, 3,4 or 5 axis standalone or with FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System), Please take the opportunity of considering a proposal from one of the world’s most successful and leading advanced manufacturing equipment and process providers.