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OH&S Assesment and Risk Management


It is very important that machine tools and manufacturing equipment are operated in a safe environment. Risk management is becoming a part of this process.

An integral part of Realtek’s services is the delivery of training and support in all aspects of OH&S and risk management.Gary Training

Our focus is to assist our clients in developing a new "world’s best practice" work place.

Our services include:

  • Practical training
    To ensure safe and effective environment and operation of equipment and technology through three levels of training aids such as manuals.

  • Quality equipment and machine tools
    Manufactured to the highest safety standard, ensuring guard and interlock are to the appropriated safety standard.

  • Preventative Maintenance Program
    To ensure equipment is fully functional, safe and effective to operate.

  • Risk Assessments

Realtek works closely with clients and suppliers to develop installation risk assessments and training procedures to ensure the plant is installed and operated to the plant installation standard that is required in most states through legislation.

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