Realtek offers three levels of technical training through the following products…

Practical Training

The practical training is to create a machine safe environment and operation.

  • Level 1 training for teaching the operator to be machine safe.
  • Level 2 training for skilled CNC tradesmen and technicians to be fully up-skilled on the operation and capability of their new investment in technology.
  • Level 3 training is our advanced training for team leaders and technicians to up-skill in new methods and technologies.
Initial Training

The initial training takes place after installation. It covers machine operation machine programming, preventative maintenance and machine fault finding.

More advanced training is available for for team leaders and key maintenance personnel.

Initial training helps operators and others responsible for machine performance to understand basic machine diagnostics and respond with appropriate action. Skilling your staff in this way helps you maintain high up-time from your machinery. It also helps us provide you with more efficient telephone-based support and minimising time-consuming travel and site visits.

Machine Safe

We also have a separate, ‘Machine Safe’ program.

This program is designed to ensure that people operating the machine have a good understanding of all the machine functions and are competent to run the machine in a safe manner.


Program manuals are provided to our customers to enable them to train new staff that join the company in the future. This provides a means for ongoing attention to the relevant safety and OHS areas and that new operators have the opportunity to become competent in the operation of machines supplied by Realtek long after the installation is complete.