About Us


Realtek Australia are passionate about helping clients procure the worlds best Nano and Engineering technologies. By introducing our clients to these cutting edge manufacturing and scientific technologies, we help them become leaders in their industries.

Our Commitment

Realtek Australia is committed to health, safety, environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

Our Business

Realtek Australia are experts in providing high levels of project management, exceptional client service and creating the right technological edge for your company.

The company was founded by Brian Power in 1986. After studying production engineering, he recognised a niche in the manufacturing market and has been servicing and supporting both SME’s and corporations for over 30 years. Brian regularly travels to the leading manufacturing and research centres of the world acting on behalf of his clients as the interface in global trading for advanced and cutting-edge technologies.

Realtek is founded on transferring technology and as such, we are constantly aware of our clients’ requirements, making global engineering fit local demands. We understand that investing in a new piece of capital equipment is only part of a successful installation and we are committed to increasing the capabilities of our clients through first class project management and customised engineering solutions.

Our company has a commitment to training and up-skilling, strong technical support, risk assessments and safe work practices. We have developed enduring partnerships in advanced technologies in nano, micro and macro engineering sectors and provide full support including spare parts, servicing and tooling to ensure the continued success of our clients’ projects.

Realtek deals exclusively with worlds best manufacturers and research organisations and have established long-term partnerships with organisations such as EVG, PVA TePla, Juken, SNK, Miyano, Star, Toyoda and Hwacheon.

Our business is flexible, innovative, highly motivated and offer uniquely creative solutions in the nano technology and renewable energies space. We bring together the right skills and technology for each specified projects’ requirements to give our clients an industry edge. In excess of 80% of our business comes from referrals and repeat business from long-term clients.