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Realtek brings a diverse range of products which correspond to wide range of application; may it be for scientific, medical, or defence purposes. The diversity of our products covers micro and nano moulding with conventional and industrial application as well as moulding for building and packaging sectors.  We also offer solutions for automotive and aerospace industries. Due to our unquestionable reputation in delivering quality products and services, Realtek plays a role as forefront supplier for Australia’s scientific community and leading manufacturing industries.


Realtek is the leading provider of the most advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine which made industrial machineries operation possible, even without the aid of human assistance.  This technology was made possible by encoding series of instructions to the internal computer controller. Instructions are coded with numerical control programming language. Machine can independently operate for prolong period of time even without human supervision. CNC machines are valuable investments since they are cost effective and allow human operators and manufacturers to perform higher priority task. The sophisticated design allows production of output though the business is close or the operator is away.


Realtek also offers it’s one of a kind, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathes with proven and guaranteed versatile function and wide range of application. Industries capitalizing in CNC lathes will benefit from the conveniences brought about by this product. More and more manufacturers rely on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) since it is much easier to set up and operate. It is also designed to provide repeatability and accuracy. Occasional supervision of a high skilled machinist may be needed for programming to make the machine work effectively. To avoid occupational health and safety issues, the machines are totally enclosed in a durable container.

At Realtek, machines were designed to cater specific needs for various industries. The machines were intricately designed to make sure that it will fit for every need.


Machine tools at Realtek will definitely assist businesses and manufacturers to make things happen and produce the greatest amount of output possible. Machine tools spares human muscles from strain and tension by employing electricity, hydraulics and line shaft work instead.  Realtek provides the simplest to the most complex machine tools that will surely do the most efficient job for you. Amazingly, machine tools are capable of partial self-replication and produce machine parts too.


Realtek supplies a specialised sliding head turning centers provided with exceptional capability and user- friendly design. Currently, sliding head turning centers are extensively used for variety of industrial purposes. Realtek guarantees superb accuracy and unbelievable finish of products constructed by their sliding head turning centers. Sliding head turning centers can be one of the wisest investments for the businesses, since it ensures profitability by producing a higher quality and greater output. The machine provides ease in operation but swift production.


Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) system is an essential part of modern manufacturing industry. As it name implies, flexibility is its main characteristic. It takes pride in its versatility and adaptability functions. Upholding its versatility, it was designed to produce variety of parts and in just slight modification in programs, capable of producing totally different parts. FMS systems moldings are classified as CNC machine run by computer systems. They are suitable for mid-variety and mid- volume production series.


Nano technologies are one of the growing trends nowadays. Realtek Australia is one of the leading suppliers of products utilizing the most excellent nano technologies available today. They provide advanced nano technology forms which produces great impact on the society and various industries. Parts which powers up nano-technology enabled devices may be minute, but they greatly improve efficiency in almost all facets of life and immensely advance manufacturing processes.

As a highly skilled, technology edge based company, Realtek values their main product, technology, due to its enormous impact in the modern way of life. The company is growing rapidly with extensive global reach and highly developed international networks. The team of specialised engineers with diverse backgrounds in manufacturing, process and support works all over the world on a diverse range of projects. This global experience is ideal for meeting the requirements of an evolving market.

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