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Realtek Australia
Realtek Australia are a technology developer and distributor who, through partnerships with world leading technology providers, supply a diverse range of nano and engineering equipment for medical, scientific and defence applications. Our range of products from trusted manufacturers and suppliers covers micro and nano moulding for conventional and industrial applications as well as moulding for building and packaging sectors.  We also offer solutions for automotive and aerospace industries. From humble beginnings, Realtek has developed a reputation for delivering quality products and services to the Australian market. Recently, Realtek has expanded its core business to encompass Green Hydrogen production and storage for the renewable energy market.

Machine Tooling and Advanced Manufacturing Technology 
Realtek are highly skilled in assisting businesses and manufacturers to streamline their output and develop world leading processes. From the simplest to the most complex machine tools, Realtek will work collaboratively to find equipment to best suit your size, solution and budgetary requirements. In addition, Realtek offers spare parts and servicing.

Nano Technologies
Realtek is the leading Australian supplier of nano technologies since 2002. From research to full production, we work collaboratively with our partners, PVA TePla and EVG, together with our clients to assist them to produce innovative and impactful work in various industries through the supply of custom equipment for improved efficiency and advanced manufacturing processes. 

Renewable Green Hydrogen
The use of renewable sources as an energy source is at the forefront of initiatives to reduce our planets carbon emissions. At Realtek, we take this one step further through the creation and storage of Hydrogen- the most abundant element in the universe- created with renewable resources for use as an energy source.

As a highly skilled, technology edge-based company, Realtek values our products and technologies as they have a purposeful and positively impactful influence on our modern way of life. The company is growing rapidly with extensive global reach and highly developed international networks. Our specialised team with diverse backgrounds in manufacturing, integration, energy, process management and support is ideal for meeting the requirements of an evolving future market.

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